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Username: walrusmonkey Last Online: May 17, 2017 7:46:42 GMT 9
Latest Status: My son is now "parroting" words back and I'm trying to get him to say japanese words.
Gender: Male
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Date Registered: Jan 22, 2015 11:52:16 GMT 9
Country (residing now): Canada
Country (originally from): Canada
Children, Ages: Akane, 2.5yrs Kyo, 1yr
Majority Language: English, French
Minority Language(s): Japanese
Current Challenge in Your Bilingual Journey: Living in a region where there is no exposure to Japanese and I am the sole source of the language in the family.
Something Funny or Interesting About You: I play a game with my daughter where I pretend she is a banana and I have to "eat" parts of her. Of course by "eat" I mean I tickle her and pretend to eat her arm or something. I make up silly questions why I have to "eat" her like a banana.
me: what is your favorite fruit?
her: ummm.... orange!
me: do you know what my favorite fruit is?
her: what?
me: Bananas! (tickling and pretend eating)
her: (screaming and laughing uncontrollably)


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Raquel: Awesome, Mayken!! YAY!! Nov 8, 2017 18:02:22 GMT 9
Nellie: So cute Mayken! Nov 9, 2017 2:02:21 GMT 9
Mayken: Thanks everyone! Nov 10, 2017 0:29:31 GMT 9
Mayken: The charms are adorable, Adam! Nov 12, 2017 1:30:15 GMT 9
Adam Beck: Burning Questions About Raising Bilingual and Multilingual Children Nov 18, 2017 11:16:24 GMT 9 *
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Mayken: My 7-year-old, her ML dad and a ml family are going to the Christmas market at a ml school today - and I can't go with them! (Hope that ML dad's presence doesn't stop the kids from speaking ml together.) Dec 2, 2017 22:12:04 GMT 9 *
Amy: I'm sure the language balance is heavily in favour of the ml. :) Don't you worry Mayken. ;) And it's also good that your daughter sees that the ml exists beyond the Mummy sphere. ;) It will give more weight to the ml to hear from another sphere. ;) Dec 2, 2017 22:51:42 GMT 9 *
Mayken: In the end, it was my daughter with ML dad and the other girl with ML mom (but who's fluent in ml). The other girl got tired of ml after a while but my girl chatted with people in ml and bought ml books and a snack, all in ml! Dec 5, 2017 0:29:57 GMT 9
Amy: Not so bad after all then, Mayken ;) Dec 5, 2017 6:27:24 GMT 9
Mayken: Not bad at all, I just regret I wasn't there with them. Dec 6, 2017 6:11:36 GMT 9
Amy: As the French have it Mayken: "ce n'est que partie remise!" ;) Dec 6, 2017 18:47:06 GMT 9 *
Mayken: My daughter wrote her letter to Santa in the ml this weekend, and we'll send it to Santa's address in the ml country, that way she'll get an ml letter back from him! Last item on her wishlist reads "The second Harry Potter book, and more books." :) Dec 11, 2017 23:59:38 GMT 9
Adam Beck: More books is always good! :D Dec 12, 2017 8:15:58 GMT 9
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Adam Beck: Coming in 2018: The New Novel by Adam Beck, Founder of Bilingual Monkeys Dec 12, 2017 15:15:42 GMT 9
Mayken: Yay! Congrats, Adam! And the cover looks awesome! Dec 12, 2017 23:44:21 GMT 9
Adam Beck: Thank you, Mayken! :D Dec 13, 2017 4:58:56 GMT 9
Amy: Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy! :). Do you know which day it is due out yet, Adam? Dec 16, 2017 6:54:34 GMT 9
Jana: When your child learns swear words in the target language at her bilingual school, is that a win or a fail? 8D Dec 17, 2017 2:21:28 GMT 9