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Date Registered: Jun 7, 2014 11:18:31 GMT 9
Country (residing now): Japan
Country (originally from): USA
Children, Ages: Girl, 13 and Boy, 10
Majority Language: Japanese
Minority Language(s): English, Spanish
Current Challenge in Your Bilingual Journey: I must continue encouraging my kids to read as much as possible in the minority language through daily homework tasks, captive reading passages (in the bathroom), and a steady stream of appealing books and magazines.
Something Funny or Interesting About You: I love petting zoos. Somehow the whole world is a happier place when I'm petting a goat or a rabbit (or even an iguana).
Favorite Quote: We say we waste time, but that is impossible. We waste ourselves. —Alice Bloch
Adam Beck is the founder of Bilingual Monkeys and The Bilingual Zoo, and the author of the book "Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability", praised worldwide by parents and experts in the field. Available at Amazon, the global Amazon sites, and other booksellers.


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Raquel: I love it, Mayken! What a sweet lady. I would have listened in and not asked, hehe. Did you use it to show your daughter how useful the ml can be? ;) Dec 21, 2017 20:35:38 GMT 9
Mayken: Raquel, my daughter loved it - both the coincidence, and that this lady was learning our language! Dec 24, 2017 22:25:47 GMT 9
Adam Beck: Happy New Year to you all! Let's make 2018 a really good year! :) Dec 31, 2017 7:04:50 GMT 9
Joanna: Packing to go home from Canada...luggage scale reading 23 kg of minority language books! :) Dec 31, 2017 23:48:06 GMT 9
Amy: Happy new year to all! :). May 2018 bring you every success in your bilingual endeavours! :) Jan 1, 2018 23:08:58 GMT 9
Mayken: Happy new year to everyone! I shared a little New Year's Eve story in the Snack Bar. Jan 5, 2018 5:08:21 GMT 9
Mayken: 7yo wrote her Christmas letter in the ml and sent it to Santa's address in our ml country. This week she received his reply - and was somewhat offended that he replied in the ML Jan 5, 2018 21:47:21 GMT 9
Adam Beck: That's very cute, Mayken! :D Jan 6, 2018 7:57:09 GMT 9
Amy: Oh no Mayken!! I'd also feel very gutted in her shoes! Hope he made up for it by spoiling her on Xmas! ;) Jan 7, 2018 1:12:53 GMT 9
Mayken: He totally did, Amy! Especially her most important wish - the second illustrated Harry Potter (in ml, of course). Jan 9, 2018 0:06:05 GMT 9
Raquel: Happy 2018!! How come Santa replied in the wrong language? That's weird. Jan 9, 2018 19:26:41 GMT 9
Chris: Happy 2018!!! Jan 9, 2018 23:41:39 GMT 9 *
Mayken: Raquel, he gets letters from all over the world at that German address, and I guess the reply is in the language that matches the country fo the child's return address. Next time she'll use my mom's address (if she still wants to write to Santa then). Jan 10, 2018 0:38:19 GMT 9
Raquel: Mayken, I just was surprised that, reading a letter in a certain language, they would reply in a different one. But if it's an standarized letter, then it makes total sense. Jan 10, 2018 21:42:23 GMT 9
Mayken: It is. Our local ML Santa, to whom my daughter wrote the year before (in ml) replied in ML too but started the letter with her name. But then he's serving a town of 37,000 people only. :) Jan 10, 2018 23:18:32 GMT 9
Raquel: Makes sense, Mayken. Thanks for explaining. Jan 11, 2018 22:31:51 GMT 9
Mayken: My daughter called me out twice this week for using the wrong language with her. The second time it was only one work (number of a métro line). :) Jan 12, 2018 0:16:39 GMT 9
Ayesha Nicole: ... after reading this blogpost: - I must find ways to increase our exposure to and usage of Arabic! ... Jan 12, 2018 7:24:32 GMT 9
Adam Beck: My Kids Scream at Me Not to Lick Poisonous Mushrooms Jan 13, 2018 11:22:12 GMT 9 *
Adam Beck: How the Minority Language Can Flower in Your Bilingual Child
Jan 18, 2018 5:44:38 GMT 9 *