Navigating the Calendar

The forum calendar is a way to stay up to date with upcoming events that are occurring within the forum community. If the calendar is enabled on the forum, it can generally be found by clicking on the Calendar button located in the top menu bar of the forum. Once clicked, you'll be brought to a calendar view that you may expect which will show one large view for the current month, as well as 3 mini-calendars displaying future months.

The large calendar view will give you an overview for the month that you have selected, allowing you to see the names of the events planned for that month directly on the calendar. You can click on the name of an event to find out more details about it. If the forum staff has enabled viewing birthdays on the calendar, you will see those listed as well. Only members who choose to make their birthday public will be shown.

You can click on any day in the mini-calendars to get more details about that day. Days in bold text have events scheduled on those days. Once you're done viewing the details of a particular day, you can click on the Today button in the top-left hand corner of the calendar to be brought back to the main calendar view.

When you first visit the calendar, you'll be viewing the calendar of the current month, but you can view previous or future months by using the buttons found toward the top-left hand corner of the calendar view. These buttons will read « Prev and Next », with the current month that you're currently viewing displayed in between these buttons. If you want to view a month that is several months ahead or in the past, you can do this using the drop-down menus provided in the top-right hand corner of the calendar. Simply select the month and year that you want to view and then click the Go button found just to the right. The calendar will refresh to reflect the month and year that you had selected.


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