Actions you can be notified about, and choosing how to be notified

The forum software allows you to receive notifications on the forum with the built-in notification system, as well as receive notifications via email if you choose to do so. To setup your forum notifications, as well as to view which types of notifications are available, click the Profile button found in the top menu bar of the forum, and then click the Edit Profile button on your profile page. You'll then be taken to the Edit Profile & Settings page; once here, click on the Notifications tab.

On the notifications page, you'll see a set of checkboxes separated into two columns. Checking the boxes in the left column will allow you to receive forum notifications to the option you have checked, and checking the boxes in the right hand column will allow you to receive an email notification to the option you have checked. You can choose to receive both forum and email notifications for certain actions if you wish. Below is a list of notifications you can choose, and what you can expect:

when someone likes your content - With this checked, you will receive notifications when someone has liked a post that you have made on the forum.

when someone quotes you - A notification will be received when someone has made a reply to you with a quote of a post you have made on the forum.

when someone tags you - If someone has tagged you in a post (using @username), you will receive a notification along with a link to the post that you were tagged in.

when someone follows you - When a member has followed your profile activity, you'll receive a notification letting you know which account on the forum has followed you.

when someone becomes your friend - If you are following a member and they follow you back, you will become friends on the forum. When this happens, you will receive a notification letting you know.

when a new registration is pending approval - This notification option will be available if you have a member account that's part of a staff member group. If you have restricted registrations enabled in the forum settings, this will allow you to be notified when someone has created a new account on the forum and is pending approval.

when a new member joins the forum - This notification option will be available if you have a member account that's part of a staff member group. This allows you to be notified when a new forum account has been created.

when a user requests to join a group you lead - If you have been designated as a leader of a member group on the forum, this will allow you to receive a notification when another member of the forum has requested to join your member group.

when a user joins a group you lead - If you have been designated as a leader of a member group on the forum, this will allow you to receive a notification when a member has joined your member group.

when you are added to a group - This option allows you to be notified when you have been added to a member group on the forum.

when you unlock an achievement - If you have completed an achievement on the forum, you'll receive a notification.

when a bookmark is updated - If you use the forum bookmarking system, this allows you to be notified when a topic you have bookmarked has been updated.

when a thread you have participated in is updated - If someone posts in a thread you had previously posted in, you'll receive a notification. If the notification is sent by email, you will receive at most one email per day containing a list of all updated threads.

when you receive a Personal Message - This allows you to be notified when someone has send you a new message on the forum. This will work for both new conversations that have been created for you, or has replied to an existing PM conversation with you.

when there are reported posts - This notification option will be available if you have permission to view reported posts on the forum. With this option checked, you will be notified when a new report has been filed, or when another staff member of the forum has replied to an existing report.

Apart from the above, there is one last option on the page that will allow you to specify whether or not you would like to receive mass emails sent by a staff member. Once you have made your selections, click the Save Notification Settings button to complete the process.

If you have chosen to receive forum notifications, how you will be notified depends on the type of notification you have chosen. Forum notifications are presented to you with bubbles that appear over certain buttons found in the top menu bar of a forum. For example, when someone sends you a new PM on the forum, a bubble will appear with the number '1' listed within it to let you know that you have one new PM waiting for you. These notification bubbles can appear above the Admin, Profile, Bookmarks, and Messages buttons in the top menu bar. Directly clicking on the notification bubbles generally takes you to the area of interest where you can learn more about the specific notification.

Notification Frequency - Only Applies to Emails

Smart - only emails you once per item on the forum until you've viewed the item you're being notified about. So if you were notified about a thread you wouldn't receive any further updates about that thread until you visited the forum and viewed the thread.

Instant - emails you every time a notification is triggered.

Daily - only emails you once per day for all of the day's notifications.

Weekly - only emails you once per week of all the week's notifications. A week is Monday thru Sunday.

Never - never receive an email notification.


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Amy: Happy birthday to your 2 bilingual monkeys and ! :) Jun 30, 2018 5:15:05 GMT 9 *
Adam Beck: Mayken, that's true, but in our case, the U.S. didn't make it to the World Cup this time! Japan has gone through, but they'll probably get knocked out very soon... Jun 30, 2018 7:22:16 GMT 9
Adam Beck: Wojtek, Poland won! I was disappointed, though, to see Japan hold the ball at the end of the game because they only wanted to go through to the next round. I understand why they did that but I wish they had played harder... Jun 30, 2018 7:24:42 GMT 9
Wojtek: Well, it suited both teams to slow down the ball. However, it was really unexpected and peculiar :) Jul 1, 2018 1:16:27 GMT 9
Mayken: On the train from Cologne to my hometown, I saw a boy about 9/10 and his older sister. She was fluent in German but spoke French with a slight accent, he spoke only French. They were visiting their grandparents. I was intrigued but didn't ask. Jul 1, 2018 22:06:55 GMT 9
Wojtek: Does anyone know an online English speech language therapist? I thought that it could be a good idea to get my girl evaluated in her ml... Jul 6, 2018 4:02:38 GMT 9 *
Mayken: Yay! My 8-year-old daughter passed her ml swim test today! After swimming & diving, the pool attendant asked her to recite the swimming/safety rules (our recent captive reading), and she knew them all! Jul 6, 2018 21:28:23 GMT 9 *
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Agnese: First words. What to expect? My son is 10 months old. He's still babbling, but I've noticed some different sounds depending on the situation. I wonder if he'll start saying his first words in the next weeks (or months, who knows?). What should I expect? Jul 11, 2018 0:30:24 GMT 9 *
Amy: Don't expect anything Agnese. :) Just let it happen, and then what he says will hit you like a train. :) It's an amazing moment. Just live it and don't overthink it. Whatever he says, in whatever language it is, it is a magical moment. ;) Jul 11, 2018 5:11:14 GMT 9 *
Agnese: I've recently found a further (annoying) challenge: when I speak ml (Italian) to my child (10m) in front of ML acquaintances, they are making jokes about what I said (mostly accent, similar unrelated words...). What do you think is the best way to act? Jul 15, 2018 13:04:11 GMT 9 *
Amy: Agnese, it is simply because they never had the opportunity to be acquainted so closely to that language. Just smile and keep going. Over time (even if this may seem long), the comments will fade. Don't show your son you are embarrassed by your ml. ;) Jul 16, 2018 3:56:41 GMT 9
Adam Beck: Agnese, I strongly second Amy's advice! Stay strong and continue speaking Italian! Jul 18, 2018 6:22:37 GMT 9 *
Adam Beck: And Agnese, keep in mind that, above all, the highest priority is your bilingual aim, not the other passing concerns that are part of this experience (for us all). Don't let these distract you from the greater goal. :) Jul 18, 2018 6:24:49 GMT 9 *
Agnese: Thank you! After this setback I feel stronger than ever! The same day of the incident I ordered plenty of books in the ml on Amazon and I'm reading every day new research on bilingualism and bilingual education. I'm ready to defend my goal! Thanks Jul 19, 2018 18:37:58 GMT 9
Amy: Go Agnese, go! ;) If you want information on bilingualism, visit the website of THE bilingualism expert, François Grosjean: :) Jul 20, 2018 3:44:12 GMT 9
Agnese: Thank you for the suggestion! Jul 21, 2018 15:40:43 GMT 9
Mayken: My daughter met some inversed ML/ml kids today who live in our ml country. Their parents probably weren't thrilled they found n ML (for them) friend in their ml country. I'm sorry...a little bit. Aug 7, 2018 2:07:34 GMT 9 *
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